Partner with Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™

The preferred IoT network partner for organisations worldwide

Are you a manufacturer of IoT devices?

Would you like to offer Orion-enabled devices?

Join forces with Orion, the leading IoT partner network for any hardware. Now used in 37 countries, Orion is the fastest-growing unified IoT network in the world. Tell customers you offer Orion-connected devices and be listed on the Orion network-approved manufacturers list.

The benefits of embedding Orion.


Low power

Long battery life


Global unified network

Two-way communication


Plug and play

Orion advantages.

Orion is a solution in a box, covering all requirements end-to-end.
Government bodies and large corporations use it because they know that an Orion deployment will be successful.

Why Orion?

Orion out-performs other network solutions.

How does Orion compare to LoRaWAN?

  • Open protocol that uses an unlicensed spectrum: almost anyone can set up their own networks at a low cost
  • Subject to interference from other LPWAN network operators
  • Restricted bandwidth in Europe
  • Short messages by default
  • Spreading factor varies battery life
  • Multitude of providers forming part of the data chain
  • Unified: 1 system operator with a single data collection point, responsible for all hardware, software, and API connectivity
  • Guaranteed coverage on demand
  • Larger data packets by default
  • Consistent battery life
  • Easy and cost-effective deployment

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