Form Factors

We design all hardware and bespoke IoT devices and form factors in-house.

PIR sensors

Wireless PIR sensors can be deployed in a wide variety of applications. The magnetic or adhesive backing plate can be mounted anywhere you desire. With its battery power these Orion sensors will last for approximately three years without the requirement of recharging. You can be notified instantly when movement is detected.

Pressure pads

Orion pressure pads can be covertly hidden underground anywhere within Orion coverage for instant notifications that someone, or something has passed over it. That notification can then trigger other security asset such as night vision CCTV to be stored locally onto an SD card, providing evidence, and further insights into the event.

Thermostats from -40 to +120 degrees

Monitor and manage in real time, the temperature of your chosen environment. Wireless and battery powered, these Orion thermostats will last for over 3 years per battery. These can be mounted in seconds, requiring no wires or mains power source. Temperature monitoring from -40 to +120 degrees.

Light gates & laser beams

Orion wireless laser beams are invisible to the human eye, and can be deployed covertly or overtly in any given location. They have a range of up to 200 meters. When the laser is broken, an instant notification is sent back over the Orion Data Network to the control centre. Battery powered, they will run for over 3 years on a single charge.

Motion sensor

Motion sensors tag are available in various formats. They are simple to deploy, and can be used in any environment, indoors or out. Motion can be configured to a predefined amount of movement – from piezoelectric sensitivity to major movement to trigger an alarm. Battery powered, they can run on varying sizes of battery, depending on the requirement.

Carbon Monoxide sensors

Wireless carbon monoxide sensors running over the Orion Data Network provide real time notifications when carbon monoxide is detected. Battery powered, they have an operational lifespan over three years per charge. Be notified instantly on your mobile phone, laptop top or SMS in real time.

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Fire suppression

Orion fire suppression tags work in a unique way – by integrating the tag within a high-pressure fire extinguisher’s tube, and wirelessly installed onto the relevant asset. In the event of fire, the tag detects a rapid rise in temperature and sends a signal to the tube to deploy the extinguishing agent and extinguish the fire at source.

Asset tracking

This is our core market. The Orion data network passes encrypted data over the licence-free 433 frequency. Its long range, low power data, enables real time tracking anywhere within any Orion zone. GPS Orion tags offer real-time location-based services, unlike regular GPS trackers. Small battery powered tags will last over 3 years reporting every 30 seconds in motion.

GPS based positioning

GPS location-based services over the Orion Data Network. Real time GPS positioning, Orion GPS tags are availabl in various shapes and sizes from AA to D and varying sizes of SLA battery. Unlike any other GPS tracking systems available, the Orion Data Network opens up a whole new world within the asset visibility solutions industry.


RSSI (signal strength based positioning system) offers near GPS positioning solutions without the requirements for ongoing GPS tags – the result is that RSSI tags are much smaller and more efficient, whilst still reporting in real time. They offer a truly unique way to track and manage all assets. They are ideally suited to large corporate and industrial outdoor sites, such as oil and gas processing plants.

Sound detection

Hockey puck sized covert wireless sound detection mines can be deployed anywhere within the Orion Data Network, and configured to send instant alarm notifications when they identify pre-configured noises of a certain frequency such as rifle fire, in large open spaces. Mines are deployed in zones, enabling instant location of the shot fired. Sound mines last over 3 years per charge.

Fuel level monitoring

Any asset with a changeable state (such as fuel level monitoring) can be monitored in real time. Switch relay tags notify when levels are low, thereby removing the requirement for manual checking. One example might be a number of generators deployed in a wide area environment. These tags remove the requirement for scheduled maintenance: they notify when it is necessary to attend to the asset as and when required with real time information.

Power supply management

Real time power management notifications. Be alerted in the case of power outage of power surges. Orion tags both send and receive commands in real time, enabling the tags to start and stop electronic devices if and when required. This process is also fully automated if required.

Hot or cold threshold notifications

Real time temperature monitoring anywhere, from containers on the high seas to food storage facilities in central hub locations. Be notified if your produce or asset exceeds temperature fluctuations to within as little as 1 degree.

Wireless panic buttons

Wireless, battery powered, and easily installed or moved to a new location when necessary. Orion panic buttons, when activated, instantly send an SOS message back to the control centre, triggering an SMS or internet interface notification. If required, activation of panic buttons can trigger sound alarms

Automatic meter reading

The Orion tags are deployed extensively over the UK into wireless meter readers, are slightly different in application to regular tags: they gather real time data from the meter. When a company vehicle drives into the area using a 3G Orion gateway it creates a ‘bubble of coverage’ prompting the tags to deploy their latest reading. This removes the requirements for physical sites visits reducing commercial costs.

Shock detection sensors

Most large multinational companies maintain self-insured status. A common issue they experience within the supply chain is ‘damaged in transit’. Orion tags can work both in the supply chain within 3G coverage, or monitor assets in real-time from a static location. Because some assets may be more sensitive than others, shock / impact can be configured on a per asset basis.

Geo fencing

Gateways talk to Orion tags by measuring db gain. Gain is measured by monitoring proximity to the Gateway. This means we can configure the tag to Geo-Fence from fixed or mobile gateways, and to trigger an alarm when it reaches the designated number. If required, the tag can be automatically switched from digital to analog mode for beacon recovery.

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